Experiments in Portraiture

In my last visit to the Nelson Atkins Museum, my cousin and I went to see a Chinese jade burial suit that was on display in a temporary exhibition. I took the opportunity to practice some photography using my favorite sculptures as subjects, and it was a fun challenge to circle the sculptures and find angles that spoke to me. Increasingly, I find myself falling in love with the process of taking photos and editing each one afterwards. I feel that in this process I get a continual satisfaction with having made a piece of art that expresses something substantive.2018-03-24 00.13.26
Out of all of the photos, I like this one the most because it looks as though the woman is nonchalantly gazing down into the camera.2018-03-24 00.20.12

The subject of this portrait is actually my favorite sculpture in the museum, a supposed bust of Antinous. If you haven’t read the story of Antinous, I suggest that you take a Google break and do so now. It has a mysterious ending, one of both intrigue and passion. The sculptures in this portion of the museum have bright lights shining down from above, giving them a more dramatic look in photos.

This is going to be a shorter post than I anticipated, because upon looking back I realized that I am not fully happy with the final results in some of the photos, and the perfectionist in me is unable to share photos that I feel have significant flaws. I still have skill sets that could use vast improvement, notably taking photos in areas of low light. Despite that, I am pleased to have been able to have a productive portrait session with my fav sculpture friends, and I know that looking back at them will always give me a smile.

Photo Challenge Theme: Smile


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