Making Macarons the Hard Way

2018-01-26 10.57.52

I’ve been making macarons professionally for 5 years now, and I feel accomplished to have made it through such a sustained period of macaron production with my mental health (mostly) intact. That’s not to say that it hasn’t been shredded to bits during times of extreme frustration, because there have been tears shed and many shells thrown away. Continue Reading


For the Love of Crafts and Environmental Awareness

2018-01-13 04.07.22

At one time, I was a hardcore crafter. You name it, I did it: painting, crochet, scrapbooking, ceramics, quilling, leather work, Ukrainian eggs, basket weaving, calligraphy, and more. But I also had significantly more free time on my hands than I do now! I miss those days sometimes, when I sat on the floor in my room and scrapbooked for hours on end. Currently, after going through a full day of work and then running errands afterward, I just want to sit and do nothing when I get home. It’s sad, but entirely true. To my credit, I do make things all day at the bakery! Continue Reading

My Favorite Photo of 2017


I took this photo in January of 2017, so it is getting close to being a year old! My boyfriend had gotten me my first DSLR camera in October of the year previous, so I was just beginning my photography journey using this new tool. I had driven past this office building many times before, and I had always wanted to stop and take photos of it, especially at this time of the day when the sun is setting. Continue Reading

Kitesurfing in Tarifa

2012-08-23 10.22.02

You might have been led by the title of this piece to believe that this post is about my harrowing and adventure-filled experience kitesurfing off of the coast of Tarifa, but I must inform you that I have somewhat deceived you. Or, perhaps you simply took the title as a straightforward description of the picture above, in which case you’d be correct! Either way, since you are here now, you might as well stay for a short while! Continue Reading

The Sound of Water


This photo was taken in my old neighborhood. There was a sidewalk that circled the houses that was about a mile long, perfect for short jaunts in the fresh air. This creek ran through it, creating movement in an otherwise still area. I had set out with my boyfriend that winter day to photograph the frozen winter quiet, but I was instead drawn in by the rushing, gurgling creek. Continue Reading

Fall Tradition

Each year in October my family makes the pilgrimage to Baldwin City, Kansas, for the Maple Leaf Festival. As the name suggests, the maple trees sprinkled throughout the city are beginning to wear their warm fall colors, and the bright leaves stand in contrast to the gray sky. The narrow streets of the city become congested with hundreds of cars filled with drivers valiantly attempting to find free parking. Once you leave your car (either hanging halfway off of the road into someone’s yard, or sitting in an overpriced parking lot), you head downtown to politely jostle your way up and down the rows of craft tents.

2017-10-21 00.05.29 Continue Reading

Two Weeks in Budapest

2017-07-05 22.45.57

This summer I had the privilege of exploring Budapest with a dear friend who is a native of the city. I spent two weeks hitting the streets with her and taking in all of the sites! We also went to several villages surrounding Budapest, as well as Lake Balaton, which is the largest lake in Central Europe. I had a wonderful time taking photos while I was there, and I have been terribly lax about sharing them with people. So let’s get on to the main event, shall we? Continue Reading

5 Spectacular Talents That You Gain as a Baker

2017-05-23 12.14.58

I’ll start off by saying that this could be more accurately titled “5 Otherwise Useless Talents That You Can’t Use Unless You Spend Vast Amounts of Time in a Kitchen”. I decided that seemed a tad clunky, and it also could be a strong turn off to potential readers. You might now be thinking, “Melanie, it looks like you’re being a bit loose with that ‘spectacular’ word. Maybe you need to tone the showmanship down a notch.” To which I would say, “Perhaps.” But might they be…superhuman? (I know, now I’m just being dramatic.) I’ll let you be the judge! Continue Reading

A Springtime Homage to the Nelson Atkins Museum

Hey guys! This is going to be another brief photography post, and you will know that these photos will appeal to you deeply if :

A. You revel at the site of gracefully columned stone buildings.

B. Spring flowers put a little skip in your walk.

C. Moody gray skies give you a burst of creative energy! (This might be just me.)

At the very least, if none of these things make you burst with joy, then you might have a simple appreciation for this short but snappy introductory paragraph that I have so thoughtfully provided.

2017-04-02 04.52.10 Continue Reading

A School House and a Sunset

It’s a snowy spring day in Kansas, and I’m stuck inside pondering how I want to go about this post. I’ll be honest with you guys, I haven’t done much writing lately. I’ve been spending more time on photo-taking excursions, and I feel that sort of thing has been speaking more to me lately in a creative sense.

This particular series of pictures is of a one room school house that is just a couple blocks from where I live. I drive past it often, and I had always wanted to stop and take photos. The crisp white of the building stands out against its surroundings, and it contrasts beautifully with a blue sky.img_1211 Continue Reading