A Springtime Homage to the Nelson Atkins Museum

Hey guys! This is going to be another brief photography post, and you will know that these photos will appeal to you deeply if :

A. You revel at the site of gracefully columned stone buildings.

B. Spring flowers put a little skip in your walk.

C. Moody gray skies give you a burst of creative energy! (This might be just me.)

At the very least, if none of these things make you burst with joy, then you might have a simple appreciation for this short but snappy introductory paragraph that I have so thoughtfully provided.

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A School House and a Sunset

It’s a snowy spring day in Kansas, and I’m stuck inside pondering how I want to go about this post. I’ll be honest with you guys, I haven’t done much writing lately. I’ve been spending more time on photo-taking excursions, and I feel that sort of thing has been speaking more to me lately in a creative sense.

This particular series of pictures is of a one room school house that is just a couple blocks from where I live. I drive past it often, and I had always wanted to stop and take photos. The crisp white of the building stands out against its surroundings, and it contrasts beautifully with a blue sky.img_1211 Continue Reading

An Open Letter to My Dark Circles


My dearest dark circles,

You have been my companions for as long as I can remember! Just as a shadow constantly follows at the heel of its owner on a sunny day, you have stuck close to my eyes without cease. You make your presence known through even the most generous layer of concealer, shining forth like dark beacons of fatigue. Even in times of sufficient rest, I can count on you to accompany me throughout my daily life. Continue Reading

My Writing Conundrum Answered

Jungle Gym

The idea for this particular post has been with me for a while, and I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on what I was striving to put forth until now. I want to write about….writing. But more than that, I want to answer this question:

Why do I write? Continue Reading

How to Scoop Two Thousand Tiny Cookies and Maintain a Firm Hold on Your Sanity in the Process


Hello friends! Today I’ll share with you some fool-proof tips that will get you scooping hundreds(even thousands!) of cookies like a pro! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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My (Not Quite) Raw Caramel Slice


There are oodles of recipes for raw caramel slice swimming around on the internet, so I can’t claim to be creating anything terribly innovative with this recipe. However, I do believe that this is one of the simplest and cheapest to put together!

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